I write stories, novels, rants, spells, chants, silly manifestos, odd poems, weird fragments for plays, words words words. Sometimes I just make noise.

Here you will find some first chapters to my novels, descriptions & praises. Work in progress. A whole story, must.gentrify.now, is here for the first time in English. Links to people and places I love. A way to contact me at my undisclosed location Deep In The Woods. Shocking Illuminating Prescient Illustrations. My blog which may or may not yet exist. And the key to the minor sekrets of the universe as well as spiritual ecstasy.

I believe our stories will bring the bastids DOWN.

Come to me cover by Gent sturgeon

A joint publication of Ithuriel's Spear and The Green Arcade Come To Me is a tale of a woman just sprung from prison who finds her way back to a once familiar San Francisco. Gina seeks out her old friend Francine whose rooming house is a refuge for women who are devotees of Santeria, the religion brought to this hemisphere by African slaves. It is above a botanica and curio shop run by Oleander, whose secret past will play a crucial role in this story of love, magic, greed and desire.

"Take one of Soracco's plucky ex-cons who can't catch a break...throw in a cursed statue that everyone wants to get their hands on, and shake. What you get is a cocktail of classic noir mixed with magic that will keep you turning the page till the sun rises." --Victoria Law, author of Resistance Behind Bars: The Struggles of Incarcerated Women

Order from the The Green Arcade.


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