"Brilliant. Edge City is truly an extraordinary book in every way: story, people, atmosphere, writing." - Hubert Selby Jr, author of Last Exit To Brooklyn.(He was also the first person to recognize that I'd written much of the book in baladi rhythm)

"Edge CIty like her Low Bite is the bad girl's version of Mean Streets, an unbeatable double feature for the fearless." - Barry Gifford, author of WIld at Heart and the recent The Up-Down.

"Coming across another novel by Sin Soracco among the gray alternatives on the long shelves is like discerning the cerise aureole of a neon martini glass amid undifferentiated hectares of befogged avenues; an oasis of salubrity wrought by a miraculous hand in a nutritionless wasteland." - Jim Nisbet, Snitch World and Moment of Doubt. (Ha! hahaha! Hey now!)

"Dark and illuminating view of hell as a nightclub that never closes." - Marilyn Stasio, New York Times

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